Our story

Our panel memberships

Robust Policy is a small Australian business that provides high-quality, evidence-based analysis and policy solutions to address complex problems. Our work is rigorous and considers how uncertainty and future events might impact our clients. This enhances the value and utility of our products. Our team works collaboratively with clients throughout the analytic process making our products timely, informative and actionable. 

Robust Policy is a member of the following Australian government panels and marketplaces. 

We will apply for membership on other panels as opportunities arise. 

Our experience

The Robust Policy team has addressed problems in the areas below for government clients including Defence, Home Affairs and DFAT. 

Our senior staff have also given workshops on a variety of topics including the future of airpower and analytic methods for force planning to government and military audiences. 

Our methods

Our staff has experience employing a broad range of research methods. A bespoke, multidisciplinary approach is often required given the nature of our work. As a result, the following methods are part of our analytic toolbox. 

Our value

Robust Policy is well-suited to support senior decision makers in both the public and private sectors. We combine high-quality methods with extensive experience and subject matter expertise. The result is analysis that can be trusted to address difficult defence and national security challenges.

ROBUST POLICY ANALYSIS PTY LTD                      ABN: 66 656 663 919